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CW Esencia


Persiles YET

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Persiles YET: In celebration of Persiles' importation into the United States, we are offering introductory stud fees of $2,500 for Purebreds & $1,250 for crosses to other breeds, with a live foal guarantee. A discount is available for those breeding multiple mares, to existing RDL clients, & to those who have offspring from Saltador ORO, Magico, or Dardanos RDL. In keeping with our current policy, stud fees are only due when your mare is confirmed in foal. Payment plans are available. You may bring the mare to our Texas ranch (near Austin) or request cooled shipment. Book now for Spring 2016. A $150 Booking Fee will be deducted from the stud fee.

Outstanding conformation, gaits, temperament, genetics, and color make Persiles YET an incredibly rare and special stallion. One of only a few qualified black stallions to be imported to the U.S., he carries 3 special ANCCE stamps: Revised, Qualified, and a Recommended Young Producer for Dressage Morphology.

Conformation: The recognized authority on the P.R.E. has found Persiles to be exceptional and has given him 3 stamps of approval.

Gaits: Persiles has dazzling and pure gaits. Amazing drive. It is natural for him to move with harmony and correct tempo, expressing his elegance under saddle or at liberty.

Temperament: Persiles has a kind and generous spirit, a strong desire to please, and is a joy to be around – all traits you want in a breeding stallion.

Genetics: When a stallion's pedigree includes SICAB champions, foundation horses for revered breeding programs, and Olympic dressage horses, as does Persiles', you can be sure that he is the result of careful planning and reproducible genetics, not just luck. This consistency of desired characteristics in a stallion's heritage translates into a higher likelihood that the progeny will also exhibit those characteristics.

Persiles is one of only a handful of "Qualified" black stallions in the world. His rare genetics for color have produced black, bay, grey, and chestnut offspring! He has > 30 offspring in Spain. His 2015 conception rate was 100%. His 48 hr retain sample tested at the University of Cordoba Veterinary School on Oct. 8th, 2015, showed 96% swimmers, 75% of which were forwardly progressive, with 180 million sperm per ml. This is especially impressive since it was after the breeding season and a record hot summer in Spain.

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