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Where can i buy tretinoin gel, if any? http://www.tretinoin.com/ http://www.tretinoin-uk.org/ http://www.pfizer.com/en/index.html (pfizer site, if you're outside the US) http://pro.tretinoin.com/ (pro website). NOTE: for those of you using this site, please make sure that you read the FAQ page and Instructions (to make sure you're getting the proper instructions) before you actually start taking tretinoin. 3. What's the proper way to take tretinoin? Please read the instructions page, then start taking tretinoin as ordered. There is a separate page for those using the Pro/con cream (if you're not sure which you need, just Google it). 3. How do I know if tretinoin is effective? I have a video on youtube that explains in detail if you're interested watching (and I have a copy of it on my office computer if you're interested too). 4. What if I'm not getting results? If you're not seeing any results after 7 or more days, then you need to re-order your prescription. 5. What if I am getting results? If you're getting results after 7 or more days, then you're safe to resume use of your tretinoin. 6. What if I want to do the prescription patch but I don't have enough time? I am willing to offer the patch option for those who Tretinoin 20gm $48.7 - $12.18 Per pill are doing the whole prescription in one go. Please send me a note (I'll get back to you asap) letting me know your situation and exact location so I can arrange for a patch delivery there. 7. What if I have concerns about using tretinoin? Please let me know immediately if you have any concerns about the safety of tretinoin (e.g. skin irritation). I will contact you and try to help. (Sorry for the long post, I just wanted to address some frequently asked questions that are in the FAQ page.) 8. How will I know that I'm on the right medicine for my skin? I have written an tretinoin to buy FAQ page that addresses the most frequently asked questions related to tretinoin. Thank you, Dr. Shara Edited by Dr. Shara - 20 April 2013 at 19:48 8 1 10 1 A man has been charged following a deadly shooting in the City West neighbourhood on Christmas night. He has now been charged in connection generic cialis canada online pharmacy with the fatal shooting.

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